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Pursuing God and Making Disciples

Building Faith and Community in CLT

We're more than just a congregation; we're a family bound by faith and love. Located in the heart of Charlotte, NC, we come together to learn, grow, and serve, upholding the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Whether you're seeking spiritual growth or a community to call home, you'll find open doors and welcoming hearts here.

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Worship at Pursuit

At Pursuit Worship, our worship moments are more than just songs—they're heartfelt expressions of our love and devotion to God. Experience the divine presence, let the melodies elevate your spirit, and join us in a collective journey of faith, praise, and deep connection.

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Delve into our collection of sermons, worship sessions, and uplifting messages. Stay connected, inspired, and spiritually nourished anytime, anywhere.

"Since joining Pursuit Worship, I've found a spiritual family that truly understands and supports my journey."

Los Angeles, CA
Carolina Echeverry

"Every service leaves me feeling refreshed and closer to God. It's a weekly renewal of faith for me."

Devon Roberts
Los Angeles, CA

"The warmth and authenticity here is unmatched. I've never felt more at home in a church."

Anna Tincopa
Los Angeles, CA

"This church feels like home, where every service fills my heart with peace and joy."

Noemi Montoya
Los Angeles, CA

"It's a place where I've found genuine friendship and a deeper connection with God."

Jonathan Arrocho
Los Angeles, CA

"Every visit leaves me feeling uplifted, surrounded by love and a sense of belonging."

Paul Getchell
Los Angeles, CA

"The warmth and sincerity here has truly changed my life."

Scott Paden
Los Angeles, CA

"Simple, powerful messages and a welcoming community that always makes me feel included."

Hannah Messick
Los Angeles, CA

Voices from Our Community

Hear from the hearts of our members and visitors. Their experiences, transformations, and testimonies echo the genuine warmth, spiritual growth, and sense of belonging that Pursuit Worship offers. Join us and become part of our ever-growing family in faith.

Fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ Together